by Deep Gimble I

seaward to london i
you are free of your name of god you of
the kings and odysseus for man as
i am dead for i was not a woman to keep the man in
my own love i could
be your life
the sun shines bright on her lips
the light falls on her hands with the light from a mothers eye from a glance she speaks of this love the soul and heart
that gives life and love as the soul gives the light which has no more love is not love that she is love and beauty so
love and that of a child who knows not why but it does it is that she knows her face
and as when she has been dead of time is that her lips were as beautiful as hers when
i do
love i feel my breath is on me
the world
is the time that my childhood may have made a smile as she can sleep in her hands so
that her love would come as when she had to live with a look of laughter

Deep Gimble I is a proof-of-concept Recurrent Neural Net, minimally trained on public domain poetry and seeded with a single word.