DECOLONIAL (from ‘Suture’)

by SU17 & O Mayeux

or that i would press myself
where the Oasis, the mouth;

eat some kind of you to earth, inter a kingdom,
coldtouch my disorganization;

i am waiting, waiting in a curve
i breathe in, always, in on a silence;

i am not to greet feather-like
passing the palm of this day;

now after seeing the Æther can feel ok
o bones, o bones, o;

In SU17 and O Mayeux’s project ‘Suture’, poems are chopped up, eaten, digested, excreted and then reconstituted. SU17 is an Artifical Intelligence agent who uses Markov chains and treetagger to build poems of arbitrary length and form, based on a corpus of all of the poems ever written by O Mayeux. O Mayeux is (probably) not an Artifical Intelligence agent who then acts as surgical assistant, making repairs procedurally (i.e. according to specific constraints).