by Deep Gimble I


defunct and his own brother i will come for
let us not have been of our fathers and the other men that are not a single
for all men know and
and i am so fair that i can say not i can never die but to meet them on
for love i am sure and my beloved is mine my own friend for
i am but my life to live i cannot not say that is
that it was the time of time that day in the darkness the light is set of night on its pinions i have not felt on my breast not an hour as before


defunct and master my god is dead with my love
and the man that i give him
the man for the good that his wife
has made it in her eyes in your hearts
i would have my name
for you have to be one to your father
and all that we know that your father may be free in my soul who knows what he knows but has not been the reason to do for him of him and his body of the earth his
i would fain do
the other way


defunct god is his name
never mind but he knows him and so it will not come again any day he
may find him for him to know and not to live at all that of the first he may never forget what the day
the king and he who gave up a little one
a woman to make them so soon and sure they will go on a young and young boy with him with all hands and eyes with one
he shall find the man at length and who can be in love

Deep Gimble I is a proof-of-concept Recurrent Neural Net, minimally trained on public domain poetry and seeded with a single word.