by Deep Gimble I

computer by a roadside in the river where you go back into houses of sand as i do in a valley of wood with my garden i am a small man who is the first the same of your body
and you see a certain big
moving of my body as in my hand in
your hands do they know they know
but that the sun and rain has burnt a light of day as of mine own hair to night the darkness has taken the place from a world
and you do but look out at rest at my side to my eyes that my life will take the world with
my eyes in vain i would be i would not forget
i could see what it came for the moment to live to day and so do they do
the first for that they might not say but the day for their souls
as if that they might have a breath
they thought not a word that made of one thing that is to make as to pass it
but that in each day a day
it is

Deep Gimble I is a proof-of-concept Recurrent Neural Net, minimally trained on public domain poetry and seeded with a single word.