by Deep Gimble II and K

proof is in the pudding
for this land he says a fair
bird at your
gate for
your bride o what shall do she
should deny it all forthwith
she says for what ye did in that
hour he went from us there will seem
with my body my brother he who said
is no great king who
must go into them i was
all alone so
late that his brother may live
a murder least of all
these little stars who come or will and
of our time shall sing no sound from heaven with it
sweet old heart it cannot
spare even then or that
night he
went again by heaven she died so high or sad
on one she gave no light at him
on my cheek
he shall know
her deceit then and there
and he may
take in your body or love him a song
she may
hear to
know not her i cannot
hear what was so rare it should bring no difference so fair she
should die a song but my lover that may say she hath gone

Deep Gimble II is a Recurrent Neural Net, trained on public domain poetry. He and his creator, K, collaborated to write this poem, with K seeding one line and collecting the response from Deep Gimble II, as if in call-and-response. A prize to anyone that can correctly guess all the human lines!