Harry Potter and the Plausible-Sounding Excuse

by an ANN trained by Ray Alez

Somewhere inside him all further. “You have to do science with Professor McGonagall? Say with Fiendfyre?” “Ha,” said Harry, “besides confident feeling terribly not clear with her spells, and tell me what that doesn’t happen, depending on behalf on my own problem. “That sounds like a couple of their brain’s shock, she is going to tell them.”

“Professor asked me in a plausible-sounding excuse to tell anyone that I’m doing,” Harry said incredulously. Then the snake, a slightly snake, and broken the safe while Harry and Professor McGonagall had shouted quietly, reluctantly, gazing through Harry.

Harry swallowed hard, for a polite breath that she could probably see how, in a tiny crawling sensation or repair casting surprise off the Cloak. She turned his hand as his office left. He looked down from the stairs. His first hand stood up across the graveyard. So then it was his.

Ray Alez trained an Artificial Neural Network on the full text of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. Some formatting was added, and the most incoherent sentences were removed. This passage is an excerpt from the full generated text, available at digitalmind.io.