The Valley Wind

by Bash

I didn’t get back till night-fall
considerable effort
much paperwork and many fees to meet and keep up
I have put behind me Love and Greed
I have done with Profit and
during this dynasty
Form was at this time valued far above content
absolver from all impurities?
crude imitations of other natural sounds, but as symbols of ideas which
keep eBooks in compliance with any particular paper edition

Their flapping wings tirelessly beat and throb
Swiftly flow the waters of Huai and Ssŭ
Realizing the Futility of Life
The body also returns to its old state?
euphony or other causes, they are as nothing compared with their
their own; they pass into dialects and grow out of them, in proportion
Though I am different from you,
(7) We have shown that language, although subject to laws, is far from
The eggs that lay in the nest when I took to bed

Bash, created by Doug Milam, is a Bash shell script used to process several public domain files from and randomly select lines.