by Deep Gimble I

guess what is the use and the name and me of a world
what the world has been done
the same
i would make my life in
and the old man was sitting and the door is shut in
i know not the wind and rain that is blown away from the sea
but it seems not a thing to do not but to see me again and to be my
author george gordon
gender male with an universal air of song
i am a fool of the days of the
who is my love in his grave and my wife and his daughter
i do for my life and his friend
author robert william wordsworth p gregory or other
the old time of that hour
the time was finished
i thought it was that day
and when it reached
but the one that made the man of old old men of old days
that the world would have no better time and place than he was born to know it and i knew
he was as the man that is so much and more a woman than the world is very fair to see her
he knows what she does for ever love
and he who loves not her to her and she does her love but when the world was young with love that he has not one time of life and love he is to himself
and when she was born of his heart that was the love he made him of all that was not so
author george gordon edward fitzgerald davis and woolsey
in a song that i may be the only time of
the sun
i have seen no one with me i am
i have been my love of love to know
but the world is not for
the love of my heart
and the wind
that blows not as if to be
to be found by my side and my love of mine
and the love which my spirit had done in
to love that i should not know it
i am glad
i love that my love of my life is a love
and of all the life and my spirit i am glad and true to thee
author thomas moore scott
the time to come with the sun of heaven when the light has made
and i shall not be the other
for the world was to me to morrow i
and when in a moment we wandered to meet it
the sun of our life and a moment
the sun lit star of his love that shone out in light lit skies in a moment and
and the sun was lit and we gazed and we

Deep Gimble I is a proof-of-concept Recurrent Neural Net, minimally trained on public domain poetry and seeded with a single word.