Mr. Elton Disapproves

by jNN Austen

She wrote a letter and made it for-ever, and after a few moments reflection on the subject: “I have been thinking,” said Mr. Elton, “with the same.” (I am afraid he has a very agreeable idea of the sort of thing.) “I have not my intention of coming; I am sure he is not so very clever, and I hope he does not look upon it now. He has not time to do anybody in his way, and if I am not quite a good creature, he has a most good fortune in my own family. He will be here a day or other, you know.”

“I know you are going back, and I shall be quite a beau, and I am afraid of going; you will be a good old man. But I shall be very sure I should have been always glad to have her so very fine, but my own were not to have you a right to be in so little way and– as to the lady who had taken me into the same house and the next morning– you must have gone– I dare say you will not be in a hurry so much.”

jNN Austen is a Recurrent Neural Net trained on the work of Jane Austen. She (jNN, not Jane) never learned to punctuate beyond periods, so has been edited to add punctuation and capitalization.