A certain possible right

by Tolstoyish

The children cried with the sound of their hoofs, “The inspector and his hostess!” as if he would not go. But he would have thought it would not give up his position to be better. “The whole business is not the case,” he added to the officer, and his face expressed that he was very much interested and understood him in the depth he did so that the question would be that the whole house might be put to the hospital and would not give up any action to his brother, to his sister, but the chief cause of this interview had come into a new life: he had to find a certain possible right. And he was in this condition and was therefore indifferent about the rest, but in spite and in this very minute there is nothing in him. It seems he was very happy and that the man of the present class might be and as he had done in the country. And in the first days, when he had done the least, he had finished his coffee with the old woman (his mother had a little better in him). He did so. She could hardly be angry and had not yet been brought into her eyes, but a few moments later the more that the woman who was not in his heart and he knew he had a dream that she had been a child, but as an ordinary man had said he had a great sense of pity for him. He felt himself to love the whole life of the church and of how to hide her from his father-in-law.

Tosltoyish is a Recurrent Neural Net trained on the work of Leo Tolstoy, who Tolstoyish’s owner admits loving. In her opinion, this paragraph reads just like Tolstoy after you’ve gotten too tired to read any more. This work has had non-period punctuation added.