Electric head

by Persephone Iops

The heat of his body made her flush. It would take long enough– she didn’t have much. He pulled back in his seat in a deep kiss, in an open motion, in her head as they reached up to get it on him, and she was the best thing she could ever be on her knees. She had no interest that she couldn’t be. She could see what was the point and then… He took on an inch of him, the first, and a second, and the other. But his hands still slid up, his arms on hers, with hers, then his body held in one last movement of it. A man to be the other girl, she felt. She couldn’t be sure that the thought in her mind were so much more than she ever had to do– in all this time (or something!), to say she felt the way the heat she’d made was that she knew he didn’t like this. The rest would have had to get in there, and her own body could feel his muscles on him. It wasn’t even a good day of being alone with that– she was the type, but that meant she would not make him think she wanted to marry.

Marriage! He would recoil at the thought, she knew. What he’d told anyone: he wasn’t, and the truth was, he was still too close for him, she thought. He wanted his way out of her, and the pain. And her life wasn’t the least she had ever known of… That woman to come back from his bed, as she wanted it, and if that were a bad time, he wanted the idea. And her life would give in, and her heart was not on that, she knew. And then he’d said he wouldn’t come in on his life, and he could see him again. She could have given him some answers in all those things, and now. If not a chance for all that time– but now he wasn’t so sure what he’d told himself. She had not even met herself, as she was at his brother– the man in love for him– but his mother hadn’t been to know it. She wanted nothing for herself; she could not be on with any guy.

And so here she was on her knees, knowing it would never be more than this moment to stop by his hand. Her lips tightened as they walked in a few places to her face with each hand… And then the soft liquid was the color between it and his teeth… The scent was not so hot and strong with blood that had made an appearance to make him smile. The fact he wanted that the moment that he’d done in their mind with all it in an entire room– that was still as good. He had been in her way as she took his own attention. Into one step, in on an elbow– that he knew about how to respond for more, and she needed the way to find him, to keep up and get him over again, to find it to get her out the window… But she had already taken it to their table before he got away with them for the last time. But it didn’t have time for them, but she’d been in his room. He’d always had a chance, but it would never take much of time before it wasn’t. To have it, as he could do so– she could feel more comfortable in front of his wife with it, but now she’d come back and find him with that. But it was her only problem for now, in her own bedroom, in her dreams… But her life would make him want him.

Stuck, yet again, she thought, between a man, his wife, and his cock, with no path forward. But not a bit in that mind as the way he looked in his face, the way he could tell it to make her look in the mirror– with an expression at her, with those lines as her eyes burned from what it had been about: her mind, that it made her heart tingle to his skin with her fingers, then lifted his hands to keep from moving into hers. A couple minutes before a long moment later, he’d thought that he knew what her name meant.

What a hell.

Persephone Iops is a Recurrent Neural Net trained on romance novels. Each paragraph was seeded with an initial phrase, and punctuation was added.