What is known?

by Deep Gimble II and K

what do i know? so
or long my hand in death
so high a thought it were for all men now
are gone

know? not but
not me he knows i would
love so to tell and go but the
first way the rest with us she came a cry at home a hundred in which we sat through
this one i will take myself into

what do they know? how
do these
children not know them you could take this the first for him
as in it you shall
hear and die from and take for all these words

what do we know? in one
but when
she knows a girl the
he may take his hands
but with their little love
they see no answer
with its strength so we come by to make all of you all my friend will
know a
time with her as her love had left all their beauty

Deep Gimble II is a Recurrent Neural Net, trained on public domain poetry. He and his creator, K, collaborated to write this poem, with K seeding the verse-initiating questions, and Deep Gimble II providing the answer.