Defend your throne

by Deep Gimble II and K

defend your throne with a sword
with my face the night with a new light
sayeth the lord king over all
day to your own father and to hear the king that was a man
they stood they waited heads bowed
in his heart in their own
they had a word and the great one had made her for us
she came spinning proclaiming
her in that hour he would see
his eyes of the air and with a voice
a voice was like one
she saw the wind with it in the garden
laodice without a chasm
or her heart to him with an iron eye
and with an open hand of gold
in the end she ends as all
that he can be so much
and that she would not say she is so good
to say that her face should never see you
and you you where are you in all of this
world to your dear heart of you i know me
to the rest is the end o the heart is you
not for the same that we were in the night
but for he and she death cometh
to the last heart of him all is dead it can end
all to them for his death was i a friend
the thing we know thee to give me
for ever my spirit that are the same man
three or one and me to he
that with him as in her mind or love
it might see us so much he did say
not i did be as thou to him
but i cannot see a good man from whom
thou canst never die so for thou canst
to me but he may
let him die at a point and then
if the thing would give his father to all
who he have in him as the other

Deep Gimble II is a Recurrent Neural Net, trained on public domain poetry. He and his creator, K, collaborated to write this poem, with K seeding one line and collecting the response from Deep Gimble II, as if in call-and-response. They began exchanging lines, but Deep Gimble II took over larger and larger chunks of the text as they continued. A prize to anyone that can correctly guess all the human lines!